Kickoff to League

By: Elizabeth Salazar and Sierra Levy Kickoff to League Volleyball, boys water polo, and girls water polo begin their actual season September 26th. These teams have been preparing for league since the beginning of summer and continued to do so in hopes that they will go farther and do better than last year. As this … More Kickoff to League

Hidden Bond

By: Aglaheth Zaragoza _______________________________________________________________________________ There is one question that I repeatedly seem to be thinking about. It is really bothering me because I can’t leave it as one single answer, and instead, I come up with more than one. My question is, what exactly is trust? See, the dictionary has at least three separate definitions … More Hidden Bond

Homecoming Kick Off!

By Elizabeth Salazar and Sierra Levy As Homecoming begins, the whole school begins to buzz with excitement. Not only are the seniors who are hoping to be queen or king ready for the week to get started but the whole school is getting involved. ASB is also putting in many hours to get everything prepared … More Homecoming Kick Off!

Healthy Competition?

Competition: it’s everywhere. Whether it’s in school, between you and your friends, or even at home, competition plays a major role in daily life. The pressures of competition can sometimes seem unbearable and even stressful at times but you have to keep your head high and keep on going and just know things will work … More Healthy Competition?