Net Neutrality

By Taylor Rhyman If you spend a lot of time on social media you may have been reading a whole lot about this thing called “Net Neutrality,” and if you are like me,  you may not know what the heck everyone is talking about. Fortunately, after hours of research and a little elbow grease, I … More Net Neutrality

Importance of supporting the Drama department

By Mia Rodriguez & Rebecca Arriola Recently, Mike Hamilton came into my Journalism class. He wasn’t the normal substitute teacher to give us instruction and sit quietly the rest of class. Hamilton is not only a playwright, but also volunteers to build the set. The picture above is a set that took almost 3 months … More Importance of supporting the Drama department

Feed the Need

Elizabeth Salazar & Sierra Levy This whole week ASB is calling everyone to participate in the Feed the Need organization. Feed the Need is a non-profit organization that is created to help assist the homeless and less fortunate by donating reusable or new items that can benefit those whom are in need.   The Tulare … More Feed the Need


  By: Savannah Sousa Senioritis. What is it? A supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance, according to Google’s dictionary. Have any of you been feeling it? Recently I have been unmotivated and lazy and wondering why. The semester is about to … More Senioritis

Vegan Pizza and Skipped Meetings: The Boys State Story Part 1

By: William Huffaker 999 high school boys.  8 whole vegan pizzas.  1 incredibly, long week.  Every summer, 49 U.S. states participate in a program known as Boys State.  Young men from all around the state are selected to gather over a week and build an entire state government.  It starts at the city level with … More Vegan Pizza and Skipped Meetings: The Boys State Story Part 1