Senior year expenses

by: Savannah Sousa and Kendall Hadfield Do any of you seniors feel like you’ve spent a lot of money this year? Us too. Senior year is packed with new opportunities but opportunities that cost money. Our previous years we have been spoiled with free PSAT’s and no extra expenses like college applications, cap and gowns, … More Senior year expenses

A Day In the Life

by Taylor Rhyman Here a vlog for you to enjoy, or hate, I don’t really know it just depends on who you are. If you are looking to spend about 13 minutes of your life watching something that may or may not make you laugh then this is the video for you! Watch as I … More A Day In the Life

Global Warming

Global Warming   By: Aglaheth Zaragoza ____________________________________________________________________________________ This topic has become a major focal point for the entire world. It is a topic that has not been forgotten but it is also not generally talked about unless it is brought up in conversation by ourselves or a friend. I say bring up in conversation because … More Global Warming