Net Neutrality

By Taylor Rhyman If you spend a lot of time on social media you may have been reading a whole lot about this thing called “Net Neutrality,” and if you are like me,  you may not know what the heck everyone is talking about. Fortunately, after hours of research and a little elbow grease, I … More Net Neutrality

Flu season

By: Michael Olivares Have you noticed all the people coughing and sneezing lately? You might want to think about going to your local pharmacy and getting a flu shot. That’s right it’s flu season, and the best way to stay immune is to overcome your fear of needles and get that shot. Plus they’re free, … More Flu season

Why 13 Reasons Why is Unrealistic and Unhealthy

By: Sam Marquez 13 Reasons Why, a highly controversial Netflix Original show, about the aftermath of Hannah Baker, a teenage girl who commits suicide. The problem many mature viewers have about the show was the way it addressed mental illness. Though, many young viewers disagree, saying regardless of how the show executed the topic, it … More Why 13 Reasons Why is Unrealistic and Unhealthy

Eating Out

By: Sam Marquez One of my few struggles I had when transitioning from the standard American diet to veganism, was the social aspect of eating out. People often feel like there are going to be very little options out there for them. My mom often complained about how hard it was when we’d go out … More Eating Out

Competitors on the Court, Sisters Off

By Kennedy Oliver-Sorrell Serena Williams took the win over older sister Venus in an intense match this past weekend at the Australian Open. The competition throughout the Australian Open has been anything but less of exciting. Especially with the anticipated match between the Williams sisters who have both individually created household names for themselves in … More Competitors on the Court, Sisters Off

Privacy Vs. Safety

By: Lisette Yanez   Lately, the importance of personal privacy has been questioned as law enforcers detest not being able to hack into the technologies of possible suspects and known terrorists. Americans today have grown accustomed to the modern and ever-changing technology; the comfort and service it provides makes everyday life a lot easier. So … More Privacy Vs. Safety