Breakin’ the Ice

  By: Macie Movsesian On the first Friday of the year, there was the annual Icebreaker Dance at Tulare Western! They have been putting on this dance for about 20 years and it has had a great success ever since. The attendance seems to be going up each year. This year, there was an attendance … More Breakin’ the Ice

Election Week

By: Kennedy Oliver- Sorrell It’s time, Mustangs, to vote for new positions for the ASB Class next year! Over the last three years, Tulare Western’s ASB has revamped itself into a new identity by creating it’s new philosophy the Four Season of ASB with the encouraging phrase of “Keep Watering.” In addition, within the program, … More Election Week


by Amanda Ross and Chloe Cushing Valentine’s Day – the most romantic day of the year! Dozens of roses, giant teddy bears, heart shaped chocolates in heart shaped boxes! Unfortunately, students are not allowed to sell candy on campus. So this year, the Journalism club is selling teddy-grams! Cute little stuffed animals adorned with a … More Teddy-Grams!