Manifest TV Show Review

NBC‘s new drama-mystery seriesĀ ManifestĀ has everyone trying to figure out what happened to Flight 828. The series starts with a family, complete with grandparents, a mom and dad, an aunt, and twins. The flight is overbooked, so Ben Stone (Josh Dallas), his sister Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh), and his 11-year-old son, Cal (Jack Messina), among many … More Manifest TV Show Review

Shane Dawson’s Controversial New Series: The Mind of Jake Paul

By: Mia Dodson Shane Dawson has been on YouTube for as long as anyone can remember. He started in 2008, with mostly sketch comedy videos. But as the years went on, and YouTube evolved, Shane did too. He went from sketches to trying different products and foods, to conspiracies, and everything in between. More recently, … More Shane Dawson’s Controversial New Series: The Mind of Jake Paul

Marvel: Phase 4

By: Mia Dodson Infinity War Spoilers Ahead! The Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU) is one of the biggest movie franchises ever, with the 2008 filmĀ Iron ManĀ starting a 10 year run of blockbuster movies, with more to still come. There have been 4 “phases” in the MCU so far, with phase 3 apparently wrapping up with … More Marvel: Phase 4