Breakin’ the Ice

  By: Macie Movsesian On the first Friday of the year, there was the annual Icebreaker Dance at Tulare Western! They have been putting on this dance for about 20 years and it has had a great success ever since. The attendance seems to be going up each year. This year, there was an attendance … More Breakin’ the Ice

March Madness

By: Alex Estrada During this next coming week, the Tulare Western ASB program is holding the 3rd annual March Madness tournament. This tournament is something that many students at our school look forward to at this time of the year. Some students aren’t able to do a lot of things that on campus due to … More March Madness

The Giving Tree

By: Sarah Wilbur What is more rewarding, giving or receiving? A group of Tulare Western Leadership students have recently put together a service project in their community called, “The Giving Tree.” After talking with the group of leaders, we discovered an interesting topic that was brought up while performing the random act of kindness. The … More The Giving Tree