College Scam

By: Ashlynn Canfield and Gwyn Barnett Over the past few weeks, several celebrities and well-known people are in trouble for paying their kids way into prestigious colleges. Some of the colleges included in this scam are USC, UCLA, University of San Diego, the University of Texas at Austin, Wake Forest University, Yale, and Georgetown University. … More College Scam

Nicotine is a DRUG.

By: Macie Movsesian Even though nicotine may seem relatively mild, it is a toxic stimulant. Stimulants “speed up” the neurons – the heart may beat faster or the brain may work faster, thus they are called “uppers.” It is a drug that increases the functioning of the nervous system. Here is a list of Stimulants: … More Nicotine is a DRUG.

Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy”

By Mia Dodson Waring! Spoilers! Netflix has been constantly coming out with hit new original shows and movies. From touching on tough topics with the 2017 hit “13 Reasons Why”, or the 2018 book to movie adaptation/rom-com “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”, Netflix has been putting out great, even groundbreaking content. And it’s … More Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy”