Athlete of the week

By: Chay Goree, Stevie Perez

This week we chose Rolondo Holmes (RJ? for our Athlete of the week. RJ is a sophomore varsity football player for the Mustangs. This is only his first year on varsity and he is already showing the coaches that he deserves to be on the team. “I love playing football. It gets me so hyped and the adrenaline from scoring a touchdown is awesome.” For the team, he is a slot receiver. He said, “I think the main reason why I play slot is because I have really good hands.”

RJ has a total of 111 rushing yards so far this season. He has an average of  7.4 yards per carry and has a total of 15 carries this season. His average rushing yards per game is about 13.9 yards. He has 2 rushing touchdowns out of the 3 touchdowns that he has made. For his receiving yards, he has 70 in total and 1 touchdown. If you add all his yards up, he has 181 yards this season.

According to his teammates Mikey Ficher and Chase Gomez, RJ is very hard working, a funny guy to be around, and he gets really hyped when he makes a good play or gets a touchdown. One of the best plays that RJ has made was at a game against Porterville. “In that game I had gotten my first touchdown pass. It was over 40 yards long.” Another one of his really good plays, according to Mikey Ficher, was a play against Monache. He said RJ went for a pass in double coverage and he still was able to catch the ball.

As the team goes to the playoff’s, RJ expects himself to get at least one touchdown every game. His goal is to try hard to get his team to the Valley Championship game to get a ring.

Stay tuned for next weeks article!!




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