Mock Debate in Drama Room

On Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 the AP Government classes at Tulare Western held a mock debate between two students acting as the Central Valley’s congressional candidates Devin Nunes and Andrew Janz. Over the course of the school year, the two AP Government classes have been working on separate campaigns, one for Nunes, the other for Janz.

The debate started with the campaign managers introducing the candidates with an opening speech. Then the two candidates went up and each talked about the first issue: water.

The student acting as Devin Nunes stated that he would take the issue to a state level, and inform the president of the issues. The students acting as Janz explained that he would take an environmental approach, increase above and below ground water storage.

After water, they talked about why they would be a better candidate. The Janz side started to say that he believes that education is “one of the most important things in our valley.” He then went on to talk about how Congress would benefit from a fresh mind since Devin Nunes has been in Congress for just about 15 years. “Your time’s up,” he said.

The Devin Nunes’ side began with how he has the “foresight” that Janz might lack when it comes to Congress. He also said that Janz would “lose the American way.” And that he would support businesses and cooperations. “American businesses are the American people and American people are American businesses.” When the topic of immigration came up, and he was told that he didn’t support them, he replied with, “We support immigrants. We don’t support illegal immigrants, aliens.”

The debate wrapped up shortly after and then Andrew Janz (the real one) answered a few questions that students and staff had for him. Regarding the hospital and immigration, he covered many topics that we were curious about. Then the end of lunch bell rang, and everyone who wasn’t in the next AP Government class left, while the students in that class stayed and talked with Andrew Janz. It was a cool experience I

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