Athlete of the Week

By: Chay Goree, Stevie Perez

The athlete of the week is Jose Valencia. He’s a junior outside linebacker and safety for the Tulare Western Varsity football team. This year Valencia has made a total of 52 tackles, 28 of those tackles being solo tackles and 24 of those being assisting tackles. He’s been on varsity since his sophomore year.

Ever since Valencia was 10 years old, he has been playing football. Every Saturday and Sunday you would find him in front of the TV watching his favorite teams play. One of those teams being the 49ers. “My brother played football and I didn’t like it at first but then I watched one of his games and I wanted to try it out.”

His goal for the rest of this season is to stay healthy, and do whatever it takes to get a Valley Championship.

Valencia’s teammates say a lot of great things about him. Isaiah Gomez said, “Jose´s a good football player. He puts a lot of effort and time in watching film and he doesn’t take a play off.” Another one of his teammates, Mark Smith, said, “I see him as hard working, fighting through pain and laying his body out for his teammates and showing a lot of effort to get the job done.”

The thing that most sets him aside from the other players is the hard work and preparation for the game. He tries to sacrifice everything when he makes a tackle.



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