Varsity Football

By Stevie Perez & Chay Goree

The Tulare Western Football team is still going strong with an undefeated record of 6-0.

The first home game was against Redwwod. We beat the Rangers 38-20. Elijah Burrell had 2 completed passes out of 4 attempts for 77 yards, also with 1 TD pass. He also rushed for 27 yards for another TD. Tairyn Johnson rushed for 251 yards with 33 carries, and he made 3 TD’s by rushing. He also caught a ball for another TD. The total touchdowns he made was 4. With all the points scored by these two players, they made a total of 30 points.  Then to add another 8 points Carlos Hernandez made 5 points after touchdowns ( PAT ) and 1 field goal. Also Edward Diaz and Isaiah Gomez came down with an interception each.

The next game was against Hanford at home. The Mustangs won this game 35-7 with shutting them out during the second half. Elijah Burrell had a total of 12 completions with only 16 attempts for 146 yards and 3 touchdowns. Tairyn Johnson had 20 carries with 129 yards and 2 touchdowns. Tairyn also received 8 balls from Elijah for 121 yards and 3 touchdowns. That made a total of 30 points. Also in this game Jose Valencia got one Interception to set up one of the touchdown made by Tairyn. Then Diego Villeda made a sack for a safety that got them 2 points. Also Carlos Hernandez got another 3 points from a field goal. That made a total of 35 points for the mustangs.

The latest game was against Deleno at their home football field. We won that game with shutting them out 56-0. During that game Elijah Burrell made 8 completions out of 9 attempts for 113 yards and 1 touchdown. He also rushed for 20 yards and another 2 touchdowns. Also in this game Tairyn Johnson rushed for 132 with 8 carries and 3 touchdowns. Another touchdown of the day was made by Rolondo Holmes ( RJ ) for another 6 points. Also Mark Smith caught a touchdown pass for 40 yards to add to the score. And Mikey Ficher with another rushing punt return touchdown. The total came out to be 56-0.

The mustangs next game is away against Porterville. This will be our first very challenging game because both teams are undefeated and really good. Hopefully we come down with the win!!!


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