Meet the Journalism Team!

Written by Rachel Gupta

You’ve probably been gorging yourself on our amazing articles, binge-reading one after the other (because they’re just that good), but do you even know anything about the person who wrote it? It’s easy to forget that someone actually sat down and typed what you’re currently reading. I decided to write an article featuring all of the writers here on the journalism team, so the next time you’re reading an article, you know a little bit about the person who wrote it.

Gweneth Barnett and Ashlynn Canfield

Gweneth, who is a senior, started writing essays and book reports in about 7th grade. Surprisingly, she has never really liked reading. When asked if she plans on having a writing-related career, she responded saying that she might major in English in college. She writes to inform, mostly about social events. She loves playing volleyball and track.

Ashlynn, a Freshman, started writing in about 4th grade and absolutely loves reading and writing. She’s been reading fiction books since she was a little girl but doesn’t plan on taking writing further as a career. She loves reading gothic novels and Agatha Christie and finds herself cooking new cuisines whenever she has time.

When Gweneth and Ashlynn write, they have a simple, but effective process. They like to start by picking a topic and mapping it out on paper. They then type paragraphs and make changes until they’re happy with their end result. So far, they’ve published three articles, and are working on their fourth one.

Macie Movsesian

Macie, a junior, started writing essays and keeping a diary in elementary school because she liked it. So far she has written three articles, all of them being feature articles about current events and news. She enjoys reading mystery books like Gone Girl, and life-story books like The Help and is on the Mustangs Swim team. She was in Newspaper class in elementary school and is considering a profession along the lines of Social work Journalism (!!), or Psychology. Her process includes making notes, doing prep for interviews and such, and piecing together information for her article.

Mia Dodson

Mia, who is a junior, started writing through assignments given to her by her 2nd-grade teacher for Language Arts. Her stories were CRAZY CREATIVE (That was in all-caps on my notes, but I don’t exactly remember why…) and she once wrote an article about Easter that turned into a saga about an Evil Bunny. (Boy do I want to read that..!) She has written three articles, all of which are amazing! Mia LOVES to read sci-fi and fantasy series–Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Red Queen, Percy Jackson, The darkest minds, etc. She tends to write entertaining articles about current trends and is definitely going to minor in Journalism. She may even write books, which means we may get to read her Evil Bunny story!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mariah Alazay Campos

Mariah, a junior, started writing articles in 4th grade. For her very first article, she was supposed to write a half-page long story but ended up with 3 pages of pure gold. She likes reading romance and fantasy books and likes writing about controversial topics and conspiracy theories. Her process mainly includes learning a lot about a topic before and during the actual writing process. For a career, she’ll either write fantasy and YA books or become a lawyer.

Chayil Marie Goree and Stevie Nickol Perez

Chay, who is a Sophomore, started writing songs about love in 7th grade. She doesn’t really like reading but has definitely read some amazing books. “Old Yeller was just the best book ever. It spoke to me on so many levels.” She likes reading very raw and very real stories. Chay hopes to become a detective or Law Enforcement Officer.

Stevie is a Junior who started writing in a journal about her life in 9th grade. She really likes reading and some of her favorite books include the entire ‘A Child Called It’ series. She also loves playing soccer and plans on becoming a lawyer.

Chay and Stevie write sports central articles. Currently, they’re writing a lot about football since it is football season (duh). Their process includes taking interviews and writing notes. She plays track in school. They then take turns to do the actual typing but will work on it together.

Taylor Kelton, Ashley Abbott, and Macie Avilah (TAM Time)

Ashley started writing in about 2nd grade because of a writing contest (which she won first place in!). She now mostly writes assigned essays and stories.
She definitely likes reading both fiction and nonfiction. Her favorite book is I’ll Give You the Sun. She plans to major in English.

Taylor started writing in a diary during middle school. She likes reading books assigned to her in her English class. English is definitely Taylor’s best subject, but it’s not something she plans to pursue in the long run.

Macie started writing in 3rd grade because of her teacher who would assign literature and short stories. Her favorite books are Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns. Even though Macie enjoys studying English and writing, she’s not sure whether to pursue it in the long run.

When working on a video, they start by discussing ideas and coming up with a few talking points. They then get to the actual filming. Once that is done, Taylor and Ashley edit the videos and Macie publishes the finished work.

Rachel Gupta

This is me!! I am a Freshman and I started writing when I was very little, just for fun. I actually remember myself making up my own writing assignments and completing them. (I now have boxes full of old stories I wrote as a kid!) I’ve always been good at it, but it’s just not something I would want to pursue as a career. I absolutely love reading! I have always read books that are five levels too high a level for me and super intense. I read a lot of mystery and thriller books, but also love reading Jodi Picoult’s books! I play golf and swim.

THIS IS THE JOURNALISM TEAM!!! I hope you feel like you know us a little better. Now get back to binge-reading our articles.

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