Shane Dawson’s Controversial New Series: The Mind of Jake Paul

By: Mia Dodson

Shane Dawson has been on YouTube for as long as anyone can remember. He started in 2008, with mostly sketch comedy videos. But as the years went on, and YouTube evolved, Shane did too. He went from sketches to trying different products and foods, to conspiracies, and everything in between.

More recently, though, Shane has been doing documentary-style videos about fellow YouTubers. Starting with Bunny Meyer, to the controversy of TanaCon, and secretive makeup guru and creator, Jeffree Star, Shane’s new videos have been blowing up and making headlines. People have bee skeptical about all of these multiple-part series, but Shane has been putting out such amazing work, each release more popular than the last. But his newest series has people really questioning how truthful and authentic Shane will be able to get.

Jake Paul and his brother, Logan, have been some of the most controversial YouTubers this past couple of years. Logan, with his Suicide Forest video, in which he laughed at the body of someone who recently committed suicide. And Jake, the crazy younger brother, always trying to one-up his brother. From false physical assault allegations against FaZe Banks, to assault allegations against Jake himself from ex. Alissa Violet, conspiracies about his ever-changing squad, Team 10, Jake has had a rocky couple of years.

In the midst of all of the hate and controversy of Jake Paul, Shane Dawson released the teaser trailer for his newest series, “The Mind of Jake Paul”.  Rather than just the skepticism that he faced in the past, people threatened to unsubscribe when the teaser trailer for this series was released. People claimed that they didn’t want to see Shane make Jake look like a good person like he’s done for people in the past. That Jake was “an awful person”. But viewers realized after the video went up that Shane wasn’t going to treat him with the same understanding personality, but still a partially open mind.

Now Logan, Jake’s older brother, has made some sort of a response video to Shane’s first two videos, in which he tries to fire back at Shane’s investigations and observations of him and his brother. Claiming that Shane is “scaring the children” with the realities of sociopaths. Making odd comments about jokes that Shane made, such as when Shane jokingly said, “I didn’t know they were different people,” referring to the Paul brothers. Logan tried to make this funny comment something that it wasn’t. “I don’t know why you said that, man.” He takes on a genuine tone when he talks about how Shane knows that they are two different people and how he met Shane so he doesn’t know why he would make that comment. Of course, I don’t watch Logan so this could be a tone he uses often when he’s joking or being sarcastic. He continued in the video, calling out Shane on his reactions to creepy facts about sociopaths, and even his “confusion” with the words sociopath, and psychopath. Although I do agree with him on the fact that it doesn’t have to be black and white, that there is a difference between a sociopath and having sociopathic tendencies.

People are not sure how to feel about this series, with so many different points of view, and that it focuses on some of the most controversial YouTubers of our generation, maybe even ever. People not watching, unsubscribing, because they don’t like the people. The dark turn into the minds of sociopaths that no one expected. This is an 8 part series, with only two parts out as of now. There is still more drama, and controversies to come, so stay tuned.

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