Why Meditation is Good for Teens

By: Ashlynn Canfield and Gwyn Barnett

Meditation can be good for teenagers to clear stress and anxiety that builds up at school from their homework to a social life. Meditation can help you focus, relax, create awareness, and give you clear minded thoughts.

It is good to meditate for about 5 minutes a day. You can do it when you wake up, get home, or right before you fall asleep. There are many different ways to meditate but the best ones for teens are breathing, focusing on senses, staring at the sky, walking, dreaming, and practicing yoga. It is always good to switch up the styles of meditation because your body and mind already expect the same feelings from the practice the night before.

What Are the Different Types of Meditation?

Meditation comes in many different types. The most popular and most used forms of meditation are Spiritual, Mindfulness, Movement, Focused, Visualization, and Chanting. Each equally effective, but completely different.

Spiritual meditation is used by the people of Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism. During this meditation, it is common to softly pray. Spiritual meditation is a way to get in touch with your inner spirits and reach your deepest feelings. This form may apply to some people but not all.

Mindful meditation is based on the teachings of Buddism. Buddha was a man who lived between the 6th and 4th century. He was believed to be the “enlighted one”. He lived to form the religion of Buddhism. This type of meditation is best for overcoming dissatisfaction with one’s life and helps make people feel more contempt. To practice this form of meditation, one clears his mind and embraces how the mind works. It should not be used to reflect on the past or dwell on the future, but to feel thankful for the present.

Similar to yoga, movement meditation is a form of meditation that requires one to take action. It is used to clear one’s mind while walking, stretching, or even practicing martial arts. If one has trouble sitting still for too long, movement meditation is ideal. While someone practices the form of movement meditation, their mind is clear and they are focused strictly on their body movements.

Focused meditation is perfect for busy, stressed out people. This is one of the most simple forms of meditation. All one has to do is focus on a single activity, such as a sport, eating, or even drinking an iced coffee. Focus on that one thing and appreciate what it does for you. For example, when you are reading a book you can focus on distinct noises around you. Focus meditation relieves stress and can give your mind some time of peace throughout your busy schedule.

Visual meditation is extremely simple. It is often used by people who do not even realize they are practicing a form of meditation. When you are in a situation that makes you nervous, such as going to the dentist, waiting to present in front of the whole class, or waiting at the airport to get on the big plane, just relax and take a few seconds to imagine an image that soothes you. It can be a picture of a lake that is surrounded by mountains, a palm tree swaying on the warm beach, or even your bedroom with rain hitting against the window. Visual meditation is an easy escape from reality. So next time you are in that dentist chair, do not focus on the instruments on the little table, but you in that special place you desire to be at.

The last form of meditation is well-known, but not practiced often. When you practice Chanting meditation, a word, phrase, or sound is repeated while you allow all other thoughts to clear your mind. A peaceful yet alert state of mind is made. One common sound to repeat is “Om.” Try to mindfully meditate while chanting, and a more peaceful life will present itself.

Where Did Meditation Originate From?

Meditation can be traced back as far as 1500 BCE. Many believe that Meditation made it’s way from India to China during the 6th to 4th century BCE. Each culture developed their own type of meditation. Meditation has an unknown source of origin, mainly because there are so many different types of meditation. What is the original form of meditation? It is unknown, therefore finding where the original form of meditation came from would be very difficult. So, the real question to be asked is, What are the different types of Meditation and how can they help you?

The Benefits of Meditation

As you begin to learn the ways of meditation, your mind strives for happiness, peace, and success. You will find yourself in better relationships with the people around you and you will start to see that you become less angry and happier in unexpected situations.

Meditation opens the mind to give a broader imagination, increased focus, and better decision making. Many people have said mediation creates a virtual place in their mind to go into while dealing with difficult situations. It also helps you create empathy for other people, reduces stress and pain, and can even have the power to overcome an addiction.

As a student, your goal is to improve your performance in the classroom, field, court, and other activities you participate in. Meditation is something that can help you sharpen your mind and body to complete this goal. Just a little bit of practice here and there can help your everyday routine.


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