Marvel: Phase 4

By: Mia Dodson

Infinity War Spoilers Ahead!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU) is one of the biggest movie franchises ever, with the 2008 film Iron Man starting a 10 year run of blockbuster movies, with more to still come. There have been 4 “phases” in the MCU so far, with phase 3 apparently wrapping up with the still unnamed Avengers 4.

There are many exciting Phase 4 movies that are confirmed, but there are also many that are only rumors as of right now. Some confirmed are Black Panther 2, Spider-Man: Far Frome Home, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Black Widow will finally star in a solo movie, and Doctor Strange 2. With the confirmation of these movies, fans and theorists can only assume that the events of the most recent team-up Marvel movie, Avengers: Infinity War, are either reversed, or the victims of Thanos’ snap have made their way from wherever they’ve ended up.

Other, rumored, movies include a fourth installment to the Thor series, a third Ant-Man, and a sequel to the highly anticipated 2019 movie Captain Marvel. These are still only rumored, but it would be fun to see these movies and be able to see more of the characters we love so much. After the surprise ending of Infinity War, (warning! spoilers!) in which Thanos snapped his fingers, succeeding in his quest to kill half the universe and “save the world,” we can imagine that we will find our heroes feeling defeated and weak. In Thor’s case, people suspect that he will have an enormous amount of guilt from not killing Thanos properly by “going for the head,” and instead, trying to enjoy the moment by using his new weapon, Stormbreaker, to impale Thanos in the chest. If Thor is having a fourth movie, it will likely have a darker tone than it’s predecessor Thor: Ragnarok. It would also be fun to be introduced to some new characters straight from the comics, such as Nova, Spider-Woman, Captain Britain, or even a Ms. Marvel appearance.

It seems like Marvel is trying to give more starring roles to women in their own title movies. With a Black Widow solo movie script finally being put into production sometime in 2018. Fans have been asking for a solo movie for the Avenger, along with Hawkeye and many other heroes (and even some villains) sprinkled throughout the MCU. With Captain Marvel coming next year, and with rumors of talk about a Ms. Marvel prequel movie, we can say that women are finally getting a chance to shine in starring roles, in the superhero world.

Although many are taking to the internet to spread their theories, not much has actually been confirmed. So, instead of hoping for some stand-alone movies that will probably never happen, let’s look forward to the movies that have been confirmed! Spider-Man: Far From Home, Black Widow, a new Black Panther, and so much more! Marvel: Phase 4, will be full of new movies, exciting characters, and a few sad goodbyes to old friends. But don’t worry, Marvel: Phase 4 will bring characters that will change the MCU as we all know it.

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