Athlete of the Week

By: Stevie Perez & Chay Goree

It’s time for another Athlete of the Week. This week we decided to choose the football player, Mikey Ficher. Mikey is a 15 year old varsity football player that is only a sophomore. His positions are Wide Receiver (WR) and a Safety (S). We asked him why he wanted to play these positions and instead of the others. His response was, ¨I play WR because it’s fun to catch the ball and run with it, and I play Safety because it’s fun to take the ball away from the WR.”

Now there are exactly 8,000 sports in the world. Why didn’t he chose to play something else? “Well, I chose to play football because it helps release all my stress and anger out on the field.” We also asked him who inspired him to play football. He answered, “My grandpa inspired me to play. Ever since I was about 2 years old we would always play catch and mini football games with my family.”

For Mikey’s freshman year he was on the freshman football team, like all freshman are, but we wanted to know what he liked about the varsity team. “I love playing on varsity because I get to bond with the guys and it’s just a great experience.”

We also interviewed some of the guys on the team to get some input on what they think about Mikey. The senior varsity football player Carlos Hernandez says, “I’ve played football with him for one year but I can tell that he is really good. He’s super fast and athletic, he’s definitely one of our top football players.” Then we went ahead and interviewed Henry Williams, a junior varsity football player. His response was, “I’ve played with Mikey for about a year, but in club football I would always play against him. Personally I think that Mikey is really good. He always does what he’s supposed to do on the field. He’s just a super smart and athletic player.”

Lastly, we asked Mikey what his personal goal for this year was. He responded with, “My personal goal for this year is to win the EYL championship game and also to get a Valley Championship ring.

Have a great day and GO MUSTANGS!!!

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