Dress Code rules and Regulations: Are they necessary?

By Mariah Campos

The school dress code is a very controversial topic for both guys and girls. Some people may agree to it while others, don’t even acknowledge it in the slightest. Many complain (both for and against it) and break the rules daily, which brings us to the main topic at hand, is it really necessary to have one?

I did a small yes or no checking method to see what high school students thought about this topic:

Students who said it was necessary: None of the students I asked said it was necessary, much to my surprise. I thought maybe one or two people would.

Students who thought it wasn’t necessary: The majority of them said it was, quote, “Stupid” and pointless. They don’t think there is any point to having one and that it is annoying when they get dress coded. Both guys and girls were asked about this topic.

My personal opinion is on the fence. Sometimes it is a good thing to have if, for example, someone (male or female) wears an offensive shirt (such as inappropriate words, pictures, certain brand, or gang related things), then of course that shouldn’t be allowed. But if it’s something as simple as an off the shoulder shirt or maybe a shirt that’s a little too short and shows the tiniest bit of the abdominal area then it shouldn’t be so bad and forbidden (well, as long as it isn’t TOO showy). It’s completely understandable that people would want to restrict certain ways of dressing but some schools take it too far.

This article isn’t to try and persuade someone to think a certain way or to stop the dress code, it is only to inform and get people thinking on what they truly believe is right. I don’t think the schools should get rid of their rules. Even though it annoys many students, the overall point of it still shines through the frustration.

But in other cases, the male student seems to be showing more skin than the girls but his attire (or shall I say, lack thereof) is accepted while the girls isn’t. Some say because it’s “distracting” but I don’t think that is a good excuse. It’s not the females (or even the man’s fault, if that’s the case.) that her (or his) attire seems to attract bad attention, it is the person that is distracted or bothered by its fault, I’d say most of the time. It’s understandable if it’s found disrespecting to certain religious students, parents, or staff but even then some people need to learn to tolerate each other’s differences.

Writing, for me at least, can really make people think more thoroughly at both sides of the argument and that is what is experienced during the process of this. Much to my surprise and previous dismay, I still find the dress code necessary and that it shouldn’t be taken away. The schools are allowed to have rules and set certain standards so they should be respected, no matter how annoying and pointless the dress code could seem to the majority (including me).

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