Welcome to FFA Freshman!

by Ashlynn Canfield and Gwyn Barnett

The FFA club held its annual freshman meeting on Wednesday, August 27. Dinner was made, parents were informed, and students competed in the yearly relay race. Tulare Western, Tulare Union, and Mission Oak competed head-to-head in the race.

Tulare Western’s new members gathered and talked about what it means to be apart of the FFA and watched an informational video delivered by the chapter officers. Each student that attended had a part in the race, for example, there was hula hooping, donut eating, pie eating, cup stacking and balloon popping. While the students were busy, the parents were being informed about the opportunities offered in FFA.

Towards the end of the meeting, Parents gathered to watch the freshman come and complete in a relay race. The relay race contained time-sensitive activities. Tulare Western has won the race nine years in a row, but unfortunately, Tulare Union took the win this year.

Freshman, Ashlynn Canfield, was asked about her Ag class and what she looks forward to this year in FFA. She replied, “I am a student in Ag Mechanics 1, I like the class because it is hands on. I am looking forward to the meetings this year because they are very fun and helping set up the fair this year.”

Freshman, Rachel Gupta, a new FFA member was interviewed and asked about her part in the relay race and what is most exciting about being in the FFA. Gupta said, “I was doing the cup stacking, where we had to make a pyramid of plastic cups. The idea of having speaking competitions in front of people and having projects excites me but is also scary.”

FFA has impacted so many students lives over the years. Tulare FFA offers a variety of things like judging teams, speaking teams, showing teams, and community service through our agricultural community. FFA can often get students ready for their future careers even if doesn’t involve agriculture.


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