Athlete of the Week!

by Stevie Perez and Chay Goree

So football is in and we have one particular player we are going to talk about, Tairyn Johnson. He has been on Varsity since his sophomore year. We asked Tairyn and a couple of his fellow football buddies to give us some answers to our questions about him and here’s what they said:

Elijah Burrell and Jorden Burrell: “We’ve known Tairyn for about 5 years, the thing that makes him stand out is he has that “IT” factor about him. He is so good I can´t explain it. Most memorable play that he has done is when it was All-Stars and he was running the ball on the outside and all these dudes tried tackling him and he “trucked” through all of them. Funny story about Tairyn, he will go up to random people and he will start hugging them and say, ‘Wassup lil baby, how you doin?”‘

Joseph Alcantar: “What makes Tairyn stand out he’s like our best Team Player. He shows good character on and off the field, The longest I’ve known Tairyn we go way back to 6th grade we didn’t like each other at first but oh we’re like brothers. Most memorable play he’s done was this summer when we played a game and we were losing by 1 point and they threw the ball 50 yards and Tariyn caught it with 10 seconds left on the clock.

Tairyn Johnson: “I play bench, just kidding, I play running back and I play that ’cause they had me there since the beginning of sophomore year and I like it. I play football because that’s the sport I love and it’s fun to play. My dad inspired me to play. He played football and I followed in his footsteps. Personal goal is to win the Bell and get that ring!



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