Weekly News!

By: Macie Movsesian

John McCain: War Hero

He was a former United States senator who passed away on August 25, 2018 at 81 years old.

John had been suffering from a brain tumor called a glioblastoma since 2017 when they discovered it was there. Before he began the political life, he was a naval aviator in Vietnam.

He was actually shot down over Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, and became a prisoner in solitary confinement for 2 years. Altogether, he was a prisoner of war for about 5 1/2 years. He rejected early release to honor his country.

Soon after, he cracked under torture and signed a “confession” that set him free. At that moment, he felt that he had let his country down but instead the American people saw him as a symbol of courage.

Later on, he ran as a Republican nominee for the 2008 presidential election but lost to Barack Obama. John McCain died being a war hero serving more than 25 years in the service, a well-known senator from 1987 to his death, and a wonderful family man.

Hurricane Maria: Path of Destruction for Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria was a Category 5 hurricane and has been named the 3rd costliest Atlantic hurricane in history. Since the hurricane took place, it has caused a lot of damage in Puerto Rico ever since.

The destruction of the storm will cost billions of dollars to rebuild and get everything back to normal. At first, Puerto Rico thought that 64 people had died from the hurricane but as months went by, it rose to 2,975 deaths.

Puerto Rico got the power of 1.4 million people back months after the hurricane occurred. They were struggling with having people help due to there being no power.

President Donald Trump has recently been “slammed” for not putting enough effort in helping Puerto Rico during their struggle. He said, “We did a fantastic job in Puerto Rico.”

Puerto Rico did not have the resources to begin with when the hurricane hit so that definitely took a toll on their safety during it all.

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