Opinions on Cafeteria Lunches

Written by Rachel Gupta

As a freshman (who has never actually been to the school cafeteria), I am incredibly curious to see what people think of the cafeteria lunches. Do they like them? Do they even go there? So, me being the inquisitive reporter I am, decided to interview a bunch of people to find out what they really think of the school lunches.

I am surprised to say that many people actually really like the school lunches! Most students would prefer to just grab something from one of the stands, but the cafeteria lunches are very well liked. The ratio of ‘cafeteria-likers’ to ‘cafeteria-not-likers’ based on my interviews is 4:1!

Emily, a sophomore said that her favorite drink in the world is the chocolate milk they serve at the food stands. “It’s my absolute favorite drink in the whole world. I tried it for the first time a while ago, and I drink it every day now.”

Josh, also a sophomore, said he thinks that TW’s cafeteria has it better than most other schools in terms of the food they serve. “I like the food here. I transferred from another school and TW’s cafeteria is definitely much better.”

Well, I know what I have to do now; I’ve gotta pull out my map and go to the cafeteria sometime because I just have to know what the food is like.

UPDATE- I haven’t been to the cafeteria yet, but I did go to one of the food stands and get a chocolate milk and a fudge-flavored pop tart. Definitely liked the milk…it hit the right spot. Not sure how I feel about the pop tart…I do hope that they start keeping more flavors soon.

What do you think of the school cafeteria? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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