What exactly is a ‘GPA’?

Written by Rachel Gupta

Everyone’s always talking about ‘GPA’ and if you’re just standing on the side, wondering what the heck it even is and why it’s important, you might want to give this article a quick read.

GPA stands for Grade Point Average. It is how academic achievement is measured here in the U.S. This is how it works: Each course is given a certain number of credits.  GPA uses the standard A, B, C, D, F. Each grade is assigned a number of grade points. An A grade receives 4 points, a B=3, a C=2, a D=1, and an F=0.

You’ll receive a GPA every semester based on the grades you earned in your classes. You will also maintain a cumulative GPA all throughout high school, which is an ongoing average of all your grades.

Colleges will receive a copy of your transcript with your current GPA. They will use your GPA to compare you to other prospective students, so having a high GPA can give you a major edge over other students.

Here are some reasons your GPA is important:

  • Your GPA determines if you’re eligible to take AP or IB courses during your junior and senior years.
  • Colleges consider your GPA, so like I said before, a high GPA can help you get admitted to your college of choice.
  • Your GPA could also help you win an academic or athletic scholarship.

You should not wait until your junior or senior years to start focusing on your GPA. Start as soon as you can with extracurriculars and just hard-work in all your classes.

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