Underrated Television Shows That Really Deserve a Chance

Movies and TV are littered with different genres, and there are a few that seem to stick out: comedy, drama, romance, etc. But some genres don’t get enough of the spotlight, and the shows with those genres are really underappreciated in today’s media-filled world. Here are some of those shows, in no particular order.

  1. Doctor Who (1963)

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Doctor Who is a science-fiction show on BBC about a highly intelligent immortal “time lord”, who travels through time and space with his many different companions. The long-running show first premiered in 1963, was cancelled in 1989, and returned to our screens in 2005. The cast is constantly changing, with the “regeneration” of the doctor every few seasons, to keep a fresh face and a fresh personality keeping us wanting more.

2. Lost in Space (2018)

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No, this is not the 1965 drama. Or the 1998 movie with Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc). This is the 2018 Netflix sci-fi drama reboot of the classic show, bringing back iconic characters like Maureen Robinson, John Robinson, Dr. Smith, Don West, Robot, and, of course, danger, Will Robinson! This reboot brings us the re-imagining of not only these characters, such as making Robot part of an alien species, but also of the world., giving us beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing scenery. Season two is starting production in September, so don’t miss the second season of Lost in Space!

3. Sherlock (2010)

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This modern re-telling of the classic tales of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson runs on the BBC and has 4 seasons, with a 5th on the way. This show has an interesting schedule, with 2 years between each season, and 3 hour and a half long episodes per season. It begins with army vet, John Watson, just back from Afghanistan. While looking for a roommate, he meets Sherlock Holmes, a brilliant “consulting detective”. They work on a case and become friends, dragging all of Sherlock’s not-so-friendly friends into John’s life. It is interesting when you pick up each new season, seeing how the past 2 years off screen have affected them. It’s on Netflix, so binge it so you can be ready for season 5!

4. Psych (2006)

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This comedy series, running from 2006-2014, follows Shawn Spencer, and incredibly observant young man, always solving crimes for the police, and calls in with the case solved. After a twist of events, and a criminal accusation, he says he’s psychic and drags his friend, Gus, along for the ride. He keeps his act up for 8 more seasons, so he’s a good actor! With him searching for the answer while trying to keep his act up, and his praises and skeptics, he solves crimes and saves the day! Psych is available to watch on Hulu.

5. Once Upon a Time (2011)

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Once Upon a Time was a highly complex fairy tale re-telling series that takes place in the town Storybrooke, Maine. When Emma Swan’s long lost son shows up on her doorstep telling her she’s the magical daughter of Snow White and that his hometown is cursed by his evil adoptive mother, she’s understandably a little skeptical. But when she arrives in Storybrooke, and lives there for a little bit, she realizes there’s more to this quiet town than she thought. With it’s 7th, and final, season wrapping up in May of this year (2018), Once Upon a Time puts twists, connections, and plots into the children’s’ stories we all know and love. Once Upon a Time is available on Netflix.

6. The Gifted (2017)

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The Gifted is a FOX series set in it’s own X-Men universe, with mutants being discriminated against in society. There are special lawyer and prosecutors that handle mutant cases. One night at a school dance, Andy and Lauren Strucker, the children of a mutant prosecutor, discover Andy’s destructive mutant abilities. Now outlaws, the Strucker parents, and their two mutant children, become a part of the Mutant Underground, an organization of mutants who are working to try and get mutants to be accepted. This show explores the stories and abilities of mutants that don’t get as much spotlight as others. It is a cool, and eye opening show that gives us a different look into the X-Men and their legacy.

There are these, and so many more shows that go unrecognized outside of it’s immediate fandom, and they really do deserve more recognition. If you are looking for a fun show to watch, one of these is bound to be your show-soulmate!

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