Summertime’s Over!!!

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 By: Chay Goree, Stevie Perez,

Edited  by Aileen Soltero

It’s done, all over. Time to get to work. As school time is now here, my partners and I decided to interview 2 people from all 4 classes to get their take on how the first day of school went.

First we have freshmen. It’s their first year of high school so it might have been kind of scary. Some maybe have been excited for high school year. We went ahead and asked a couple freshmen how much different high school is from middle school. Bryanna Mejia said, “The first day of school was very much different from middle school because there are more people and the school is much bigger.” On the other hand, Fabrizio Mendoza thought middle school was different because there are more classes and the class periods are shorter then middle schools.

Then there are the sophomores. Since sophomores already had a full year of high school we decided to ask them how much different was their freshman first day of school than their sophomore first day of school. David Parra said, “My first day of school was different this year because freshman year I didn’t know anyone and now I know a lot of people.” We also asked Anyssa Sandoval what she thought, though her answer was totally different from David’s. “Freshman year I started off with a lot of friends, I knew a lot of people. And this year it seems as if my friend group fell apart a little, and I don’t know that much people anymore.”

For the juniors, we asked them what their goal is for this year knowing that this is the second to last year of high school. Ziggy Corral says, “My goal is to make this year the best year for everyone in this school. Since I’m in ASB my goal is to get freshmen and others involved as much as I can and to help them.” Then we asked a girl named Elizabeth Gonzalez the same question and she said, “Since I am taking 3 AP classes this year my goal is to try and get all A’s, especially in my AP classes.”

Last but not least, the big seniors. Since it is their last and final year as a high school student, we asked them how they felt. Keshon Butler said, “Knowing that this is my last year of high school finally got to me. I feel like I need to go all out in everything I do like football and all the activities that go on during school.” The Gwyn Barnett says, “On my first day of school it didn’t feel real, it felt like a dream and I feel like there’s a lot I have to get to this year to make up for the last year. It’s different because I know that I can’t do childish things anymore.”

That’s all we have for this time. Next time make sure you read our article about the first football game. Have a great year Mustangs!!!


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