4×4; What do people think?

Written by Rachel Gupta

If you’re a student, or teacher, or have basically anything to do with Tulare Western, then you probably already know that the school has implemented a new block schedule this year with four classes every day. (Crazy right, I know!)

If you’re unfamiliar with this system, the way it works is that students have four classes a day, each one being an hour and a half (instead of having three classes, each for two hours), with fifteen minute breaks in between.

How do people feel about this?- I took the challenge of finding out by interviewing students.

Most of the students seemed to show a positive attitude towards the new schedule saying that they liked the shorter classes more because they could get more classes in. Many of the students I interviewed also stated that classes were not as boring, because they were quicker. “Classes are short and sweet…“, said one student, and another even called them ‘perfect‘.

Some students though, aren’t as ‘in-love’ with the new system. They argue that they were able to learn more with the previous schedule as classes were longer then. Many students feel that classes now “just feel rushed.”

Many teachers also prefer the older system because, “there was more time to actually learn with the older schedule. Change is great, but it is also very difficult. I find it hard to get used to the new timings!” Many teachers also feel that the students with AP Classes will struggle the most because of the shorter timings.

All these interviews, and I still do not have a definitive answer on whether the staff and students like this change, or not. The only way I can conclude this is by saying that there is no perfect schedule. Some people like change, and some do not.

What do you think of the new system?

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