Welcome and Welcome Back

By: Ashlynn Canfield and Gwyn Barnett

The first week of school brings you back with friends and gives you a chance to meet new ones. New students, new teachers, and a new schedule!

The first week of school is a different experience for everyone, but something everyone has in common is dealing with change. Summer is officially over and school has begun at Tulare Western.

Students and teachers all around Tulare Western were asked about their experiences on their first week of school and commented on the new schedule.

Here is what they said:

Sierra Garcia, Junior, was asked how she felt about the new 4 by 4 schedule. She commented, “It is a weird change but my day feels shorter and not dragged out.”

We also talked to a freshman, Emory Houston,  and we asked him how his first week of school went, and what he is hoping to get out of his freshman year. Emory stated, “It wasn’t that fun because I didn’t know that many people. I am looking forward to track this year.”

With a new school year comes new teachers, here is what our new English teacher Mrs. Rodriguez said about the environment at Tulare Western, “I absolutely love the environment here at TWHS! Everyone is so warm and welcoming, and the students are fantastic! I love hearing music playing in the morning and at lunch, and I can tell that the students and staff enjoy being here. I feel like I am home, and there is no place like it!”

The first week can be stressful for some students, but ASB did a good job at making sure students found their way around campus and helped new students feel welcome here at Tulare Western.


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