How to be prepared for Disneyland Grad Nite

By: Savannah Sousa & Kendall Hadfield

The adventure of Disneyland Grad Nite is known for being a once in a lifetime experience but a long and exhausting experience too. The total price for the trip is $160. The price includes access to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure for the full day, special admission to the Grad Nite party that starts at midnight, and the Charter bus. You will need money for food and souvenirs.

The adventure begins Friday, June 1st, the day before. Any bags that you plan on taking into the park or on the bus must be dropped off in Room 303- Bus 1, Room 304- Bus 2, and Room 305- Bus 3. Bus assignments are available with Mrs. Marquez and Mrs. Reveles.

The BLUE agenda we received will be the most important resource. I recommend taking a picture of it so you can have it on you at all times. It outlines all the important times, like what time we meet at the bus circle (5:00 am) and what time we meet at the bus at Disneyland (2:00 am).

We board the bus at Western 5am on Saturday, June 2nd and come back Sunday, June 3rd at 6am.

We will be in the park for approximately 18 hours. This is a very short amount of time to get everything done so it’s important to plan out your day or know what you want to do or if your a spontaneous person just go with the flow.

An important detail is that you must be in California Adventure by 10pm. If you are not, you can’t enter the Grad Nite party.

Another detail is that you must keep both your ticket and your wristband. You will need BOTH.

Join the Remind group: Text @twgradnite to 81010

This Remind can be used to contact our Chaperones and will send out important information.

Me being the very prepared person I am, I have some tips to be prepared for Grad Nite that have helped me.

  1. Look at the whole blue packet
  2. Make a packing list so you don’t forget anything important like sunscreen.
  3. Explore Disneyland’s website
  4. Explore Disney California Adventure website too
  5. Make a priority list of which rides you want to get on from most wanted to least wanted
  6. Look at which rides are close to each other and plan a route
  7. Look at a map beforehand ( )
  8. Take note of places to eat near your rides( I found this awesome video )
  9. If food is your thing make a priority list for that too
  10. Take note of awesome picture locations and make time for them
  11. Take a fanny pack if you have one
  12. Wear comfy clothes and shoes
  13. Screenshot 2018-05-31 at 10.55.19 AMIt’s going to be really humid! Be prepared!
  14. Bring a cooling towel if you have one
  15. Bring sunglasses!
  16. Bring an empty water bottle you don’t care about and fill up throughout the park to save money on drinks and stay hydrated.
  17. Be wise with your fast pass and use them on your high priority attractions
  18. Be open to the Single Rider Option
  19. Have a meeting spot for you and your friends
  20. Have fun!

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