Queen of the Buisness Department

by Taylor Rhyman

In August 1989, Live Oak Middle School had its grand opening. In the same year, the spunky, amiable, and exuberant, Mrs. Seargeant had her teaching debut. You may know her today as the queen of the business department, or as the teacher of Technology Core and Accounting.

In 2018, after 29 years of teaching, Mrs. Seargeant will be retiring.

I had the privilege of being in her Technology Core class freshman year, and there are so many memories I will hold forever. From typing a song at the speed of light to sneaking a peek at my fingers under the typing guard (sorry Mrs. Seargeant), I know she will be missed at Tulare Western. I also know that she will miss Tulare Western dearly.

When she was asked about her favorite memory she replied saying, “Gosh, there are so many! Probably the night of homecoming…at the dance. Many years ago. I was the ASB advisor, and the dance was in the TU gym. Someone came breathlessly running into the gym to tell me the Senior Class float was on fire. Instead of panicking, I started laughing, because I had a funny feeling the seniors didn’t want to take it down and clean up, so they probably torched it. We never found out how it happened, so perhaps I was right.”

She also mentioned a shorter, and maybe a tad more embarrassing story, about the time where she fell flat on her face in senior court at lunchtime.

These stressful and somewhat uncomfortable or even humiliating trials that come with being a teacher, never had the chance to overcome her love for teaching. If you have ever been around Mrs. Seargent, it is clear that the students are the reason she loves teaching. Whether it be a kind comment or a sense of concern for a students well-being, anyone who is enrolled in one of Mrs. Seargent’s courses knows they are loved.

In her 29 years of teaching, Mrs. Seargent says that “Some parts of education have changed and some parts haven’t,”  but what hasn’t changed is her love for teaching. She went on to tell me that she is, “. . . so, so happy that I have had the opportunity to teach Accounting and Advanced Accounting and Technology Core for so many years. Both of those classes give students skills that they can use the minute they walk out of my door. I know that every day I teach, a young adult’s life is changed.”

Her experience as a teacher has not only shaped amazing students into exceptional young adults but also given her a chance to grow as a person and a teacher. Her advice for the younger generation of incoming teachers is, “Love what you do or find something else. If you don’t love teaching you are not helping anyone, in fact, you are hurting your students.”

As a senior, I am grateful that Mrs. Seargeant chose to retire in the same year that I am graduating. Tulare Western without her presence is like a puzzle missing the middle piece.

Mrs. Seargeant, thank you so much for all you have done for this campus. Tulare Western will not be the same without you, but I hope you live your best life while retired. Travel to every place you have never been and NEVER wake up before 9 a.m.



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