The Calling

The Calling

By: Aglaheth Zaragoza


Have you heard a call or felt a pull towards something you simply couldn’t quite figure out?

Well, Elena, she is among those that can hear the call of nature, whether it be land or sea, it is there.

A child born on land, yet she yearns for a life elsewhere for she hears the painstakingly sweet tune speak her name.

Although she’s heard it all her life and ignored it she can never quite squelch that feeling of wanting to be free even though she is not really trapped. Though the soft grass, booming forests, and endless winds called to her, it is the sea that has never ceased in calling for it has chosen her.

You see, one cannot deny their true calling, even more so if it is one that does not silence itself. One the element chooses it never stops calling unless you are not truly meant to be with it, then, and only then will it cease in singing and another will begin to call.

It is especially difficult every month on the first day of the full moon to deny the power of the call of the endless roaring sea as it sings to her.

She cannot help but feel the pull to what is and should be her real home.

It is in the water she feels as if she has truly found herself. “Little average Elena,” words she had heard growing up in a town that considered her nothing more than a child destined to live her life working because she had no parents.

She knew she was alive, but she wasn’t really living. She dreamed of what lay beyond those sandy hills she could never truly go over. Her eyes, the color of honey held a hidden curiosity that she was never allowed to explore and instead, she was forced to quelch it.

But this day, she finally had enough with people telling her what she must or must not think or feel. This day had held much importance to her, she was finally sixteen. This didn’t mean the workload would change, no.

This meant that the call of the sea was stronger. It could no longer be ignored or silenced by her own humming. More than once she was scolded for spacing out and neglecting the work that had to be done but Elena just couldn’t help it. The song was so powerful she found herself daydreaming about what it would be like and she snapped after the one in charge told her she was worthless.

Elena gathered the few things he had at the orphanage as the moon began its climb, she snuck out. There was both fear and relief with every step she took towards those sandy hills she admired from afar.

Her own climb began and as the full moon reached its highest peak her foot made contact with the sea. The song of the sea filled her body and she sang along with it. She dived beneath its waters and felt all her worries leave her.

She became a child of the sea and so with that her form changed to fit its deep and mysterious waters, but now, Elena felt complete and free.

Her home was the sea, her family was the others who had witnessed the call and chosen to be a part of it. This was her dream come true, she couldn’t have asked for more. Now she sings the song alongside the sea to have another join them in their happiness, and be free for eternity.

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