Player of the Week! -Hayden Alldredge

By: Sierra Levy and Elizabeth Salazar

This week’s player of the week came from the golf team. To gain some of his insight on his recent success we took time to interview Hayden Alldredge. Hayden is a senior and has played the sport for many years, including all 4 years of high school.

This past week on Tuesday. May 8th, Hayden had the opportunity to compete in area for his first time. Alldredge was very close last season, but came up short so he came ready to compete this season. This year area took place in Lemoore with three teams of six players as well as ten individuals.

Golf is a very concentrated game that many people enjoy because it is just a person competing against themselves to get a better time. Though the sport is typically individual, for high school regular season, it is a team sport where six players from one team compete against the six best of another.

We decided to ask him a few questions to look deeper into what he’s all about.

We began to get to know about Hayden’s journey with golf by asking him when and why he first got involved with golf.

Hayden responded, “At 3 years old I started my golf career because my dad started taking me out with him. I was influenced to play by watching my dad and it looked fun to drive around in the golf carts. I loved being outside with friends and getting to play the game I love being surrounded by people I love just as much. My favorite part of golf is that I get to play at my own pace and that my only opponent is myself.”

We then followed up by asking him a personal question on how he felt coming out of his very last golf match for high school.

Alldredge stated, “I felt accomplished because I still won EYL and it was my best season ever. I was a little sad that I ended the season with a not so great score but I was still proud of myself for finishing strong and giving it my all.” Hayden stayed humble and grateful even through the loss, which shows a good player that obtains great character. After asking Hayden how he felt after his last match we finished off by questioning what it was that motivated him to play with his full potential and achieve what he had. “I was motivated by making my parents proud and proving to myself that I could be great at something. My team always hyped me up and have me the confidence I needed to perform as well as I did.”

We were able to gain some insight on Hayden but we thought it would be nice to gain some thoughts from one of the coaches, Mr. Costa towards Hayden. Hayden and Mr. Costa have built a very strong relationship over the course of the year, not only in golf, but also as Hayden is one of Costa’s students for yearbook. We were curious as to what made Hayden so special from the rest of his teammates and how he got to that level of play.

Mr. Costa, said, “Hayden wears a Louis Vuitton belt every single match and he always had something to prove. Because he was one stroke away from qualifying last year he had something to prove which motivated him to qualify this year.” We followed up curious as to how Mr. Costa was able to push Hayden to develop into the player he is today with the skills he now has evolved. “ By teaching him the fundamentals and also addressing the shot with a pre-shot routine, such as aiming. Reinforce consistency in a golf game by establishing a pre shot routine. For example, lining up with the ball and aiming every time to take a shot. Honestly, it was learning to aim.”

Hayden Alldredge had a great four seasons in golf and proved himself his senior year and went out with a bang. Not only does Hayden lead on the course he also leads in the classroom as well as in Associated Student Body and Yearbook. Hayden is a well rounded athlete and student that has excelled in his senior year especially the last few months.


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