Why a hobby can be beneficial

by: Savannah Sousa & Kendall Hadfield

A hobby is defined as “an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation”(dictionary.com). A hobby can be a sport or a club on campus if you enjoy doing it but if you aren’t athletic or if academics are not your thing, choosing a hobby is still important. Hobbies can keep you out of trouble, help relax you and can open doors for new opportunities.

Tulare is a small town and there isn’t much to do besides go to school, sports, and the occasional restaurant. Often us teenagers complain about this but do nothing to solve the problem. Our community strives to have events and activities available to us. A great resource is our local library. They have a calendar full of resources for all ages. Check it out: https://tularepubliclibrary.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=89&Itemid=226
You can go do some homework or learn how to knit for free. The library is a safe quiet place to get school work done or to just hang out and read. Your new hobby at the library can be learning, reading, knitting, and even tutoring.

I have personally attended the free knitting class and it’s a great hobby. It can be difficult to learn but the library has great teachers that will work with you. They also provide you with all the tools you need. I think knitting can be beneficial because it is relaxing. Your hands and brain are focusing on that one thing and you can’t think about everything that is stressing you out. It’s also unique because you can make stuff for people and they know you put a lot of time and effort into it. Knitting is a dying art and can be a way to stand out. When I tell people I know how to knit they are in awe because it’s rare, especially for a teenager. Go check out the class at the library and awe people with your new amazing talent.

Reading is a great hobby because it offers many different benefits. Reading is entertaining, it makes you smarter, and it’s totally free. Reading is essential in academics. It is one of the first skills we learn. Reading a lot and making progress so your reading level becomes higher can help with school because assignments and learning will come easier. If you have tackled a really hard book, tests and textbooks will be a piece of cake compared to the book you just read. Reading can also tell you stories from a range of time periods and places. You can read fiction or nonfiction. There is a book out there for everyone. You’ll never be bored if reading is your new hobby. A library card is free so go sign up today and get reading.

A hobby that you might not think of as a hobby is video gaming. Video Gaming is considered “me time.” It’s a time that you set aside for yourself and enjoy. Video games, believe it or not, can be social. You can play with friends and even talk to each other while playing the game. Some gamers become so good they can make a career out of video gaming. Gaming does require a game console, computer or phone but chances are you already have at least one of these.

Some other hobbies are cooking, gardening, fishing, photography, traveling, drawing and collecting. These hobbies are a little more difficult and require other resources that may not be available to everyone but if you can try one of these.

So, don’t complain about being bored in Tulare. You can play a sport, emerge yourself in your academics, or join a club on campus. Even if being involved on campus isn’t your thing there are hobbies outside of school so take advantage of them.

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