“8 Feet Tall”

August 26, 2008, a story posted by a user named “VFjtRnO” telling the story of “8 Feet Tall,” sends Japan in a panic.

8 feet tall, or Hachishakusama, is an eight foot tall woman who wears a long, white dress. The name “Hachishakusama” literally translates to “8 foot person.” She gets her name from her visual appearance. The person who sparked the media with this tale claims to have encountered this monster around 1998, still in her 3rd year of high school.

“I rode my bike out to their (grandparent’s) house,” she was in the lawn when she heard a strange sound. She described it as, “strange, but human…’popo, popoppo, po, pop…'” When she looked to figure out where the noise was coming from, she turned to see a white hat peeking over the top of a 2 meter (6ft) high hedge. The strange figure then mysteriously disappeared, she told her grandparents about the woman with the creepy laugh. The adults panicked and managed to explain the story of Hachishakusama to the confused child. They described her as abnormally tall, having a creepy laugh, and said her appearance could change somewhat- sometimes young, sometimes old but always wearing a white dress.

The last known victim of her had been fifteen years previous, but what they found strange was the fact that she was supposed to be trapped in a shrine near a village, sealed by four statues of Jizo (a protective deity of children). One of them must have broken… and once she took interest– specifically teens and children– they were hunted to death within  few days.

The user managed to escape by going into her bedroom and covering the windows with newspaper, placing a small statue of Buddah. Under no circumstances was she allowed to leave the room until 7am (it was safer to escape in daylight). During the night she heard taps on the glass, as time passed by they became more persistent and loud,hearing a voices imitate her grandmother beckoning it was safe to come out. The night ended and she immediately drove to her parent’s house. The family surrounded them to confuse Hachishakusama. She left Japan and hasn’t returned since the event occurred, claiming she still hears her laugh to this day.


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