Buff Ball vs. Union

by: Savannah Sousa and Kendall Hadfield

Tulare Union and Tulare Western went head to head in our very first annual boys volleyball match this past Friday night. Along with the boys playing each school, they had their very own staff and teacher team. This all took place Friday night in Tulare Union’s main gym at 7 pm. Our boys who played were the reigning champs from our very own buff ball tournament. Tulare Union’s team was considered an “all-star” team with the top 2 players of each team from their buff ball tournament as well.

The staff team played against each other first. Our staff team players were Mr. Aye, Mr. Jacobo, Mr. Porchia, Mr. M, Mrs. Berg, Mrs. Odonahoe, and Mrs. Brinkman. These staff members fought hard against 7 other staff members from Tulare Union. Western’s teacher team lost the first match, however they came back hard focused on getting the win. The first game they lost 25-13. They came back hard winning the second and third match 25-22 and 15-11. By the end of the overall match, both teacher teams were tired, but still proud of the game they played.

Screenshot 2018-04-24 at 1.22.47 PM

The boy’s teams played second. This match was also best 2 out 3; however, our Mustang boys lost in 2 sets. The score of the first set was 25-17 and the second set was 25-21. Both teams were very competitive in battling for the trophy. The crowds were going crazy with cheering back and forth all night long, supporting their schools. It definitely had the intensity of a rival sports game.

Coach Macie Avila, junior, said “I liked the event because I really got to form relationships with the boys. They are so goofy and mess around a lot. The boys were way more competitive against Union”

All proceeds from the game went to an ASB event called, “Soled out for Kids.” This event raises money to buy a new pair of shoes for each kid at an elementary school. By hosting the game, Tulare Union met their goal for fundraising for all the shoes. They needed $500 and exceeded their goal.

This event is one of kind. Even though we were competing against each other it was all for a good cause. We hope to see many more of these types of events. Be sure to come out and support our school at future events.

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