Dodgeball Week

Tulare Western ASB hosted an annual activity in which students got to participate in a dodgeball tournament. The dodgeball games are took place at Palm Lane during lunch.  This event has been participated in by students for over 10 years.

The students got to decide and put together their own teams. The teams can be either mixed or of the same grade and they must include 6 players, no more or the team has to forfeit. The participants usually gather in a group in which they get along with and are friends with. Every team has to make the choice of what unique and creative name they want.

The games started at the beginning of the week and 2 to 3 games were held each day. Those who win the first round move on to the next round of games. They then get moved on the bracket in order to determine who they will be meeting with next. Every team gets assigned certain days and will play the day they are assigned.

The ASB included a concession stand with free snacks. They provided free rice krispy treats, capri sun, donuts, kool aid, and cookies. Anyone that came out to the games to watch were welcomed to enjoy the games with an enjoyable snack.

Dodgeball is a competitive activity and it takes 2 teams to play a game. The objective of dodgeball is to eliminate all the players of the opposing side. The game is played with about 5 to 8 game balls. The goal is to try to hit the players anywhere below the shoulders, in order to get a fair out. If a player gets hit in the head they are still counted as out and are eliminated from the dodgeball game. If a player from one team throws a ball to try and eliminate someone from the other side and a player catches it from the opposing side, the person that threw the ball is counted out. When this happens, the person that caught the ball gets to call back in the last player that was out on the team.

At the end of the week the final game was played and the team “God’s Plan” finished off the tournament with the win. They took on the team “Phase Clan.” Both teams played their hardest and used teamwork to try to achieve the win. Regardless of who won, everyone had a great time playing and also spectating!

Check out this highlight video from the event!



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