Western Week’s Around the Corner

By: Michael Olivares

It’s the time of year where students start recruiting fellow Mustangs in order to start a Western Week team. Packets were released in the beginning of April. They’re due on April 20th at 3:30 pm in the corral.

Each team needs to be made up of 15 students-five guys, five girls, and five alternatives. Students have to have a 2.0 GPA, and get a counselor’s confirmation. The team has to come up with a primary team name, and two back ups, in the case that the name they picked was already taken.

The team also has to come up with a school appropriate team  T-shirt design. The design and team name has to follow the school’s theme of the year. This year it’s Mustangs Go Viral.

After you have completed the packet and your team is approved, your team captains will receive a text. The text would basically let the captains know that their team was approved, and that they must attend the annual pool party for their first activity.

At the pool party, before the event, the team captains attend a meeting, where they will receive a packet explaining what will be going on the following week.

The packet includes things like dress up days, lunch activities, who you will need for them, what the event is, and also how to get extra points (like last year they held after school scavenger hunts). It also lets the captains know what their slideshow needs to have, and what they need to do for the Lip Sync.

The Lip sync is an annual event that concludes Western Week. Teams will perform a dance routine following the theme of the year. After the dance performance, judges will calculate their scores, and then add them to the scores they received from the pool party, lunch activities, extra edit points, and the lip sync. Shortly after the judges make their decision, the winning team is announced.

Western Week is one of the best weeks of the year, so remember to have fun and be safe.


4/20: Packet due

5/25: Pool Party

5/28-6/1 Western Week

6/1 Lip Sync

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