Second Annual Buff Ball

By: Elizabeth Salazar & Sierra Levy

Tulare Western High School is hosting another year of what they call “buff ball.” This event is inspired by “powder puff” which is where the girls participate in games of football. This year will be the second year that Tulare Western has held this event for people from any school to come see. The event was created last year by two students, Kendall Hadfield and Griffin Yentes. Buff ball is an event where boys get to participate in volleyball games against other teams.

There are 14 teams this year that will be participating to fight for the top spot and win. The teams contain about 6 to 8 people, each from the same grades. Every team gets the chance to play one game, and when a team wins they move on to the next round. When a team loses a match they are automatically disqualified and can continue to watch the other teams play. Last year a team of juniors with the team name of “block party,” will be participating again in this year’s buff ball tournament to keep the trophy. The team players are now seniors and are hoping to finish off the tournament with a win again.  

All the boys will be coached by mostly volleyball players. The coaches are experienced with volleyball skills and techniques which is why they take a main part in buff ball. The whole week the teams have had practices in private with the coaches to prepare for the tournament. It takes time and patience in order to teach the boys what they need to know and how to play the game of volleyball. The girls try their best to teach them strategies and ready them for what may come when playing against the other teams for the winning spot.

All of the teams created matching team shirts with their team names in order to show their team pride. The coaches also will be wearing the same shirts as their team to show their support. What makes every team unique is the different shirts and team names they come up with. They use their creativity to decide what type of design or team name fits them the best.

What makes this event so exciting is that every grade level can participate. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors get to play against each other. No matter the grade level, everyone gets the chance to show off what they’ve got and can eliminate any of the teams if they win. It’s a great experience for everyone that plays and for those who watch because it opens people up to maybe participating next year!

The buff ball volleyball game will be held Friday night, March 23rd in the Tulare Western main gym. The snack bar will be open to grab a few snacks and drinks throughout the game. All schools are invited and welcomed to join in on watching the game! The game will go on from 7 p.m to 9 p.m. In order to enter you must pay $5, and with an asb sticker only $3!

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