Beach Volleyball Week

Although Beach Volleyball came to a tragic end, It will still go on This Friday night in the main gym where the boys who made teams will be competing to be buff ball champions!

Beach Volleyball lasts a week here at Tulare Western and it’s a great week where different teams who signed up go on head to head to be announced beach volleyball champions.

The tournament began this Monday where they had 4 games to see who will advance onto the next day. ASB at Tulare Western got a hold of a guy who delivered sand just to make it seem a little more real than just a net at school.

Along with the sand and the nets set up they began setting the beach vibes by having beachy music all week, sno comes, juice, chairs, umbrellas, and they even brought the bleachers so students had a spot to sit down and enjoy the games.

Something I find really cool is that as far as I know, we are the only school who holds events like this, at least I haven’t seen any around. I think it’s pretty cool that our school holds events like this because it makes Tulare Western such a fun place to come to school at. I also have talked to some other students at the other two high schools here in town and they said that sometimes they wish they came to Western instead.

The weather was on our side for the first two days of beach volleyball but on the third day it began to rain very early and we had to cancel the games that lunch. Today, being Thursday, we decided to just have the games go on even though it was raining, it was really fun to see the students enjoying the games even though it was raining.

Tomorrow at lunch if the weather is clear and everything’s fine with the volleyball court, we will be continuing with the tournament and we will be playing the championship game tomorrow between the two teams who have been out there winning all week.

Tomorrow night at Tulare Western we are going to be holding the second annual buff ball tournament in the main gym from 7-9 pm where we are going to be watching all the guys who signed up go head to head to play the champions of that night.

Last year I didn’t end up going to the buff ball night and I regretted it because everyone that went said they had a blast so I’m looking forward to tomorrow night when the guys will be participating in this event which will make them have great memories about their time spent in high school.

From hearing all the good about buff ball last year, I suggest you get there a little earlier so you can get a good seat!! Tell a friend and have a good time watching buff ball tomorrow night at the main gym doors open at 6:30!! BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!!

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