Are you ready for your AP test(s)?

By: Kendall Hadfield and Savannah Sousa

AP season is near. Are you ready? The deadline for signing up was Friday, March 16th but it has been extended to Tuesday, March  at 27 at 1:00. Each test is $10 with the discount and $40 without. AP tests are what AP students work towards all year in their AP classes. If you get a 3 or higher you can get college credit depending on the college. AP classes also look like a good challenge on college applications. With so many benefits, AP classes and AP tests put a lot of pressure on students. We know it’s difficult so here are some tips to help you out a little.

There is a lot of information on AP tests so it’s good to start reviewing weeks or even months before the test.  

One tip is to go over early chapters from the beginning of the year. These chapters can be foggy but can still be on the test. Use old notes and worksheets. can be a great resource. The questions are tailored to AP students and are similar to what you will encounter on the real test. The website has categories for almost every AP test and is free. Some parts are restricted but if you ask one of your teachers they may have promo codes.

A good thing to know before the AP test is the structure-how long is each section and how long is each break. These facts are easily obtained with a simple google search of your certain test. You should know what to expect and prepare for it.

College Board is a great website to visit to prepare. They are the ones in charge of making the AP tests so they would know best. Visit their website: for specialized test prep and other resources.

Another great resource to use is Math Lab. Math lab is a study lab every day after school except Wednesdays. It is held in room 513. If your test is not math, AP teachers can be persuaded to offer extra study help in their subject.

When you have extra study time you should be using it to brush up on things you didn’t quite get instead of reviewing stuff you already know well.
The day before your AP test can be a stressful day but you should think of it as another day closer to being done with AP tests.

You’ve probably heard this before but it’s important to get a good nightś sleep the night before the test. Don’t stay up studying. Everything you know is already in your brain 3 or 4 hours won’t make a difference. Go to bed!

Before you go to bed make sure you are prepared for the day ahead. Pack snacks and water for the breaks in between. Pack at least two number 2 pencils and an eraser. If you are taking a math test make sure you are using an approved calculator and have back up batteries.

One of the worst feelings is not being able to concentrate on a test because your stomach is grumbling. Eat breakfast the morning of your test. Even if you usually don’t some AP tests are long and you may not be able to eat when you are used to.

Make sure to leave earlier than usual. It is important to be on time. If the test has already stated they will not let you in.

During the test, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Stay positive. Don’t get stuck on one question move on and do the ones you know. Another tip is to answer as many questions as you can. You can not get deducted points for wrong answers but you can get points for answers you guessed right.

One important thing to know is that if you have to go to the bathroom during the test, you do not gain that time, it is lost. Instead of using your test time take advantage of break time and use the restroom.

Stay concentrated. You have been preparing for this test for a whole school year.

After the test take a deep breath. You have finished. Now you can relax.

The College board prohibits anyone from sharing information from the test but every year someone creates memes on Twitter.

Go look at them and laugh because you’re done!

Now you just have to wait until summer to receive your scores.

Work hard. We wish you the best of luck.

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