One Book Series You Definitely Have to Read

One Book Series You Definitely Have to Read

By: Aglaheth Zaragoza


Well, the title pretty much says it all. Like, literally. I mean, you don’t have to read these, it’s not everyone’s choice or preference of books. I get that, but this wasn’t my first actual first idea. At all. See, the original idea was to actually select five books out of the many out there and the ones I have read. I couldn’t pick just five and I couldn’t narrow it down either. I love to read! Like a lot. It’s a part of who I am and I don’t plan on letting it go.

This is why it was so hard to narrow it down to a single book in a series so I just included them all. That is why I chose the following series. I have more but once again, I can’t actually put every single book or series that I have read. Now that I think about it, there are so many that I can’t remember some.

The series I actually chose is The Lunar Chronicles, By: Marissa Meyers.

These books were amazing. Their genre is fantasy and science fiction. I’m that any fans of storybook tales are aware of all the stories an would be able to immediately tell which story is about which person. I was so excited with the books as I continued to read them. I couldn’t put them down, they are that amazing!

The series begins with Cinder. This book, Cinder is a very nice version of Cinderella in a world ruled by technology after a couple wars in the world left them with the ways of their lives now in the book setting.

The starring protagonist is both a gifted mechanic and a cyborg. The evil stepmother is there as long with one terrible sitter, and the youngest one is as sweet as can be. She has a mysterious past that is very interesting as it progresses in the rest of her partner books.

Scarlet the second book, is a farm girl from France. She is the perfect girl for the way Marissa Meyers puts her as her own version of Little Red Riding Hood. She is really cool and intelligent. As for her wolf? He is a genetically engineered soldier from the moon. Enemies in a sense to make things just a bit clearer. The book explains it all and goes into great detail as to why her grandmother has disappeared and why she is in so much danger.

The third book is Cress, she is considered to be Rapunzel by the way she is described in the books. Her long hair, yeah it’s in there. This one though is a bit more similar to the ones The Brothers Grim have. The handsome prince is there but he’s not one bit royal, nothing wrong with that though. It actually made me tear up when a certain revelation surprised anyone who has already read these books.

The fourth and last of the actual series is Winter. At first, I wasn’t too sure which twist in a story she was from until I realized that hers would be Snow White. It took me a couple seconds but I figured it out. All the starring girls meet up in the books and do what they got to do.

There are also two other books which are Fairest and Stars Above. Fairest being the prequel to Marissa Meyers fairytale re-imagining series and how Queen Levana turned from a naive little girl to a tyrannical queen.

Stars above is a collection of six stories from the universe of the Lunar Chronicles and just how everything came together to become this beautiful set of books.

It’s a wonderful series and I’ve reread them all a couple times. I’m there are other who have read them as much as me.

For those who haven’t read them, I really hope I didn’t ruin it for you. Have a great read!



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