Art Show

By: Alex Estrada

Two weeks ago, the Tulare Historical Museum held an art show for the many students involved in their Art classes in school around the city. This art show is opened to all school in Tulare and all you really have to do is talk to your teacher and ask her to reserve space to display your art.

The Tulare Historical Museum held its 30th annual Tulare Student Art Show. This is a chance where students from Tulare in 3rd-12th grade are allowed to display their artwork they have been working on all year.

The Museum holds an event for the artists and its usually from 4:00-6:00. It is for family, friends or anyone who appreciates art and simply wants to go show their support for students in their community.  This is a free event.

With the new technology coming in, its allowing for more teachers to start teaching digital design.

Mr. Costa teaches digital design. Digital Design is a way students, in this case, use their creativity and computer skills to design visuals associated with electronic technology. Understanding the concept of digital design, you are able to create an endless amount of things, you are able to create websites, computer game graphics and special effects for movies. If they choose to take interest in digital design, then they are able to get jobs involving entertainment, education, and advertising.

The art show also displayed many ceramic projects that were made this school year. If I’m not mistaken, ceramics if taught in all three high schools and may or may not be starting to be  introduced into middle schools.

Ceramics for students is a way to allow them to make something with their own hands from making it to glazing it or underglazing it. In ceramics, you start off with a block of clay and from their your creativity takes over. Any ceramic projects you see are mostly made handmade. For many parents, they don’t know what their kids could be capable of until they see the end product, in this situation, the art show.

Along with digital design and the ceramic projects, there were many paintings. I personally saw my friend work on her painting for 3 and a half weeks.

At Western the paintings the students were practicing were monochromatic paintings. The students got to choose anyone they wanted to paint.

There is going to be an art show coming up at Western if students are interested they can start taking to their teachers about what they’re going to want to submit. You are also going to be able to participate in “Walk The Chalk” which will be taking place by the Art rooms.

At the “Walk The Chalk” event, there is a big chance for you to be able to submit whatever you want and you are able to draw whatever you want in the square they assign to you. I suggest that you give it a try I’ll be out there as well!

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