“Priceless” Prom dresses

by: Savannah Sousa and Kendall Hadfield

Are you going to prom? Or thinking about it? There’s no excuse why you shouldn’t go. You’re most likely going to need a dress. We all know dresses can be expensive but don’t let that hinder you. Everyone should be able to enjoy their high school prom. That’s why our school has a great opportunity called “Enchanted Evening Prom Dress Giveaway.” This is a night where girls are able to go and choose from a selection of new or slightly used dresses.

This event takes place Saturday, March 17, 2018, 6am to 1 pm at the Wyndham Hotel in Visalia.

This opportunity is available to junior and senior girls. The posters say that your name must be submitted by the school before the day of the event but the correct date is March 14 as you may have heard in the bulletin. There are over 1,000 dress to choose from. Sizes range anywhere from 0-30, in many different colors and styles, varying between short and long. Some dresses are either new or slightly used. All the dresses are professionally cleaned. Every girl will receive one dress and one accessory, either a purse or jewelry. Some minor alterations can/will be made on site. Girls may bring one guest to help them choose a dress.

This organization was established in 2009 in Visalia so that 11th and 12th grade girls could attend their prom without worrying about the cost of a dress. They soon expanded to schools in Tulare and Kings Counties and serve over 300 girls. This is a great opportunity and we urge for people to take advantage of it.

Not interested in a dress? Already have tons of dresses sitting in your closet? You can still participate by donating. You can donate clean, gently used dress, purses or jewelry. Don’t let your dress sit there in your closet, help make someone else’s prom experience a memory to last a lifetime.

If interested in either of these options please contact the counseling office. There is a clipboard in the office where you can sign up discreetly. After you sign up Mrs. Nunes will contact you and give you more information.

There is also a need for volunteers. On their website, they express a need for help setting up the day before the event, shopping assistants, and check-in volunteers. They ask that you contact them on their website. http://www.enchantedeveningdress.org/get-involved.html

If you don’t have dresses or time to donate, the organization is always open to receiving cash donations. These donations are tax-deductible and will indeed help the volunteer-based organization.

Prom is scheduled for April 28, 2018

The counselor in communication with the organization is Mrs.Nunes.

We headed over to her office to get some more information.

Mrs. Nunes said that girls should take advantage of this opportunity because “in high school, there are a lot of expenses for parents and this can relieve some and plus they have tons of dresses.”

Last year attendance from Tulare Western girls was low and they are hoping to get it up this year.

A dress may seem like such a simple thing to some of you but it really can make a difference. Participate or donate today!











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