March Madness

By: Sierra Levy and Elizabeth Salazar

The first full week of March is MARCH MADNESS. This is a countrywide event that has been brought to our school. Typically March Madness is a college basketball event, but here at Tulare Western it is a 3v3 basketball tournament.

This is the best week of the school year for some kids that have a love for the game and ASB tries to make it an enjoyable event for the entire student body.

For the first time in school history, Friday night there will be a teacher game and a championship. By creating this event, not only do students get involved, but also many teachers.

Throughout the week there are a dozen teams playing that will have the chance to win this tournament and play for the championship Friday night as well as the winner of the teacher game.

Many students have a passion for basketball on this campus, but don’t get the opportunity to showcase their talent on the high school team because of various reasons, which was the inspiration for this event.

Tulare Western has done this event for many years, but each year continues to spice it up a little bit. The Friday night events were an addition to this years event which many of the students are looking forward to as well as the teachers.

      Friday’s event is going to be lots of fun and stir up much excitement for those who plan to watch. Two teacher teams that were voted to play will get the chance to face each other and will be watched by many students. Some of the teachers haven’t played basketball since their prime days, but they will get to show off what they still know and contribute to their team in any way possible.

There is going to be food vendors and many other activities held before the actual teacher match up game is played.

 Many students love the week of March Madness for few reasons. Curious as to what makes this event so special for some students, we interviewed a few to see what there perspective was.

We asked a non -player, Kate Nicholson, how March Madness made her feel. She shared with us that, “March Madness is an exciting event to watch! Though many teams are not very good, it is really funny to watch and you can see how much the players enjoy the event.”

March Madness is a fun event that many students can participate in just by watching! Regardless of good or bad teams, it’s always been a game that’s been played across the country and has gotten many people to become involved. It may be too late to participate because the week is ending, but for those who missed their chance, there is always next year & Friday the opportunity to watch what everyone is excited for, the teacher game.

Don’t miss the chance to be apart of the last day and come out and watch the teachers play their best game, March 9th at 9, held in the mini gym. If you want to be apart of other activities 5:30 is the time to be!

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