Pet Peeve

by: Delilah Becerra, Rebecca Arriola

Pet Peeve is something that a particular person finds especially annoying.

Most peoples’ Pet Peeves are chewing with the mouth open or even hearing the food smack in the mouth. That is mostly everybody’s Pet Peeve. Other Pet Peeves that people have is when people walk slow, like in school hallways where hundreds of people are trying to get to class or leave and people take their sweet time to walk. MOVE OUT OF THE WAY.

Another Pet Peeve is when there is so much room but people decide to stand or sit right next to you. Another one is when people correct you when you’re talking. Pet Peeves drive us insane, but what really grind my gears is when people read slow, drivers that don’t use their signals, and people that do not have nails on their fingers because they bite them so much.

Image result for biggest pet peeve

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