Soccer Girls Take on Playoffs

The Tulare Western girls soccer team made it far in their season, taking on playoffs. They finished off their league season with an 8-2 record, finishing off strong before making it to the playoffs. The team took a lot of time in long practices, drills, and team bonding to get themselves to where they are. With commitment, dedication, and hard work they were able to enjoy a few more games before their season came to a final end.

In their first playoff game, they took on Highland and it took place at the home soccer field of Tulare Western. The girls took a win against Highland 2-1, working to overcome their first opponent of their playoff matchups. The Mustangs came out with the first goal early in the first half of the game. The second half the Mustangs added on another goal and was then countered by Highland’s only goal at the game. Sierra Levy had both goals in the game and Melanie Medina had an assist. Amari Bailey had the other goal.

The second game of playoffs was against their rivals Tulare Union. This was the fourth time the Mustangs played the Tribe and they played to their full potential. The girls came out ready to play and were rewarded with a 2-0 win. Ana Porchia had one goal and Melanie Medina had the other. The Mustangs were overjoyed with their results and were excited to head into the Valley championship game.

Last Friday the Mustang girls faced Edison for the championship. This is a great accomplishment regardless of the result because it is very hard and takes much dedication and drive to get to this game. Though the Mustangs were overrun by Tigers in the final game with a score of 3-1, this game was very intense and emotional for the players as well as all the fans that showed up to the game. This game was the end to their season.

At the end of the school day on Friday, Tulare Western’s ASB hosted a rally to honor the soccer players and highlight them. The rally was simple but made the girls feel valued and honored even though they were able to come out on top that night. The girls each received an encouragement which consisted of a poster and a rose. The poster had a team picture and an individual picture that touched the girls’ hearts and made them feel special. This helped prep and pump up the girls for the big game against Edison.

Although, the girls season came to an end this year, they had a great time playing and making it as far as they did and accomplishing what they could. The girls put up a fight every game and gave it their all while working together to try to beat the teams they played. Win or lose, the girls have many memories and have enjoyed their season.

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