Orchestral Music

Orchestral Magic


By: Aglaheth Zaragoza


Since the beginning of school in August, I was fascinated with our school’s marching band program and would constantly talk about my experiences.
It was actually the only thing I talked about really.

It is important to me, as it is for many other students who are a part of this program.
But the band isn’t the only branch of music we have here at Tulare Western. There are a few more classes. Classes that I should check out every now and then since I haven’t mentioned them much.

Though there is one specific class that I have actually not mentioned once. At all really.
I should though because I have been a part of for two years and am very happy to see them grow in the span of two years. It’s amazing.

This class is Orchestra.

It was a class that was once tiny, it only had 9 students. I’m not even kidding, it was tiny but they didn’t mind. They worked hard. That class consisted of only juniors who joined that class since their freshman year.
There were only three juniors at the time, but I didn’t play an instrument.

This class now has 17 brilliant string musicians. It’s nice to see how those 9 kids set the foundation for what it is now. I remember the band director telling me how many kids would be coming in the next school year back in may.
Boy, I was very excited. It was just strange to me. I was so used to it being a tiny circle and the next second the rows are actually full.

Anyway, this year has been successful in allowing them to spread further than any other years. This year for Christmas the director was able to take his orchestra class to Twin Oaks for a lovely Christmas concert.
There was nice music and plenty of cookies to go around. It was a great day, and it was nice to see how their music could make so many people happy.

They plan on making it an annual event and might even add a concert at that same place for spring. If not then it can be planned for the following year now that most of them will become seniors.

As I was saying, the orchestra class this year is branching out. They have finally met the requirement to participate in the annual performance for CMEA also known as the California Music Education Association.

This event will be held on Wednesday, March 14th. This is a big day for them, guys. They haven’t done this thing in a while and it can be more than just a bit nerve-wracking for those who have never performed on a stage like that. Don’t miss it guys. It will be great.

I hope that they aren’t as nervous as they would have been a couple months ago, like their concert in December.
But two weeks ago all the three high schools brought together the students in an orchestra and met at Tulare Union for a week. There is a concert all the orchestra’s hold together around this time of year that I didn’t get the chance to see.
This particular concert was held Tuesday night and it allowed these students to sort of know what being on stage would feel like for their performance in just two weeks. The days are counting down.

The stage fright is brought down a bit but everyone is different when it comes down to it. I’ve seen them work hard these past two years and I can’t wait for them to show the music world what they’ve got.
This is me saying good luck to students who deserve the best and were willing to keep the orchestra class alive. CMEA will be awesome! It is a unique experience and I hope it all goes well for them.

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