By: Alex Estrada

Many people who own a phone today either have a Samsung or an Apple. At least those are the two major companies today that people feel are the most reliable. Apple has always come out with new and better phones that make people drawn towards them.

Just last year, Apple came out with the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. Many people don’t understand why they come out with many new phones back to back because some think that they are going to run out of ideas and new inventions that will draw people to keep updating and buying their phones.

This year Apple plans on coming out with 3 new iPhones–bigger, faster, and cheaper phones. Some people have stated that the phones Apple plans on releasing are a lot like the iPhone X. A lot of people like many of the features that the iPhone X had but some argued that it was too expensive. It was up to $1,000.

How ever great the iPhone X looked and what it did for its consumers, it wasn’t the big hit Apple was wanting. The people who thought it was a little too pricey got the message to Apple and they wanted to, not only make more money as a company, but also wanted to appeal to its consumers more so they don’t feel betrayed and switch manufacturers.

Some workers in the workforce who are more fortunate to be able to be making more money might feel the price is justified, they may or may not be able to get a refund if they choose to switch phones this upcoming fall but I suggest to wait it out a bit longer to see if the new iPhones coming out help you better financially and are an overall better fit for what you were looking for.

Before releasing big projects that they have been working on, they ask many experts about how many phones they will be planning on selling and for the last quarter of 2017 they had planned on selling about 80.2 million units. Some may say why shoot so high? But Apple has had a lot of luck in selling their products all across the world. They probably have people every day setting themselves up with a new iPhone. But with such a high price, comes a high costs they weren’t expecting.

Not meeting a goal in a company as big as Apple can be a huge deal to the idea with coming out with new phones. About 10 percent of their money with new phones comes from upgrades but they even saw a drop in that because it wasn’t the same as it was before. By the final quarter of 2017, they had sold 77.3 million phones and that wasn’t just including the iPhone X, they had included the iPhone 8 as well.

One of the ways that they can fix the sales issue is to lower the prices, but with doing that they will lose money because they will have to lower the prices of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 plus.

The question now is will Apple come out with 3 new phones and face the problem of everyone trying to buy the affordable one and no one buys the new one? Or will they just lower the prices of the X and the 8 and 8 plus?

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