March Madness

By: Alex Estrada

During this next coming week, the Tulare Western ASB program is holding the 3rd annual March Madness tournament. This tournament is something that many students at our school look forward to at this time of the year.

Some students aren’t able to do a lot of things that on campus due to either their attendance, grades, or simply their behavior. Allowing them to enjoy one week full of basketball everyday at lunch could be a little break from any kind of stress that they have built up especially with graduation coming up in a few months.

March Madness is happening the week of February 5th through February 9th every day at lunch. We will have a total of 16 teams competing against each other all trying to get a spot on the championship game that Friday night.

On Friday night, we are going to be doing something new. We are going to hold the championship game for the winning student team and we have also included two teacher teams from our own staff who will also be competing that night.

That same Friday night there is going to be many students, staff, and parents who will also be there supporting their favorite teams. So their parents and their best friends are going to be able to support them and cheer them on!

Some athletes have stated that when they have family members and friends cheering them on it helps them perform better because it gives them a boost while playing on the field.

I feel like allowing students to be able to play these things helps them better overall and it can also help them in school when they look forward to things.

I personally have gotten many questions leading up to the sign ups involving March Madness about when it was going to be. The ones asking some of the questions I would’ve never thought they played basketball so knowing that a small event your school holds brings in a lot of people gives us the satisfaction that we are doing what any high school should to bring their student body closer.

We have been preparing for a few weeks setting up teams, decorations, and simply getting everything ready for the big week!

I won’t be participating in March Madness because I honestly don’t know how to play but I will be out there supporting some of my favorite teams out there at lunch so make sure you go check it out in front of the cafeteria! Good luck to all participating!

4 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. I actually participated in March Madness and it was fun and i had a great time because i haven’t played basketball in a long time.


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