Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy


By: Aglaheth Zaragoza



Can Alternative Energy Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels? This is the real question right here. This the question that makes everything go haywire.

The constant debate over the use of fossil fuels and finding an alternative to reduce the damage such fossil fuels are causing has become nothing less than extremely controversial. The use if such alternative energies really depend on how we may come to use them and at what expense.

Energy is a part of life because it has become so important that many of us would be left cold and possibly very hungry because the dominating source that is greatly sought out is oil. The other two are coal and natural gas. There are so many things done with this kind of energy that it would seem almost impossible to find another way.

From cars, airplanes, our homes, and industries, fossil fuels have become a sort problem even with its uses. Bringing new energy would be extremely beneficial as the later investment would soon pay the expected cost. Alternative energies that will be inputted will decrease costs in electricity as well as dramatically decreasing CO2 (carbon dioxide), making the planet a healthier place.

Every month a bill is sent to every American home for gas and electricity. Both of these can get expensive over time because of seasonal changes or unexpected expenses. On a daily basis most people tend to use quite an amount of electricity, whether it be the use of a dryer, washer, TV, radio, or just leaving lights on can be expensive when it all adds up.

The use of solar panels and wind energy has actually helped reduce the expense of electricity as well as the use of fossil fuels because the alternative energy is providing sufficient benefits. Due to steady increases in the efficiency of wind and solar systems, coupled with the savings achieved through large-scale manufacture, the price of renewables is falling globally (Michael Clare).

With the field of solar panels already being placed in states such as California and Nevada, it has been noted that electricity is slightly less expensive for the city of Las Vegas. They have solar panel plants, more than 3, I presume that has allowed them to have an extensive decrease in an electrical bill.

A secondary benefit in having one’s own solar panels would be the energy that is returned to the power utility grid, more so when the sun is at its peak, therefore this energy can be used for the next day.Concentrated solar power could be an even bigger power source, and it can even share power lines with the wind.

“That means we can realistically envision an electric grid built around renewables: electricity with no greenhouse gas emissions, no fuel cost (and no future price volatility) and no radioactive waste,”( Joseph Romm). Cost of energy would be eliminated because we would be using alternative methods that can be provided for everyone freely.

Not only would the expense be less monthly but the reduction of fossil fuels would undoubtedly be convenient for the planet and us as its inhabitants. The air would be considerably cleaner and the constant climate changes would be able to balance better than what is happening now.

“A ground-breaking study by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory explored the feasibility and environmental impacts associated with generating 80 percent of the country’s electricity from renewable sources by 2050 and found that global warming emissions from electricity production could be reduced by approximately 81 percent,”(Union of Concerned Scientists).

If the build-up if alternative energies continue there will be less of a human fault when it comes to increasing the earth’s temperature and provide a more suitable environment.

Yes, it would be expensive.

Here’s the thing though, with the making of fabrics that no longer have to be made form plastic like textures we can begin to increase the Eco friendly level of it because it process is so much faster than it would be with polyester.

There are also plans to change gas for cars that use Hydrogen as a form of fuel, which is also more Eco friendly.

It really depends on each of us as a person to make the change. We can do it, it’s just that it will take time and patience. We may not even see it completed in our lifetime, but we will have set the bar for the future generations. That way they’re not stuck and have a chance too.

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