Less then 4 months left..

By: Michael Olivares

Graduation is almost here. Pretty crazy how fast time flew by. Us seniors will be living the adult life and taking on more responsibilities. With graduation coming up on June 7th, Western still has quite a few events left.

Starting off with Wish week, where we shine the light on our Special Ed students all week, all the way up until Western Week, where teams of all grades compete against each other in a series of activities.

Here are just a few ways to get involved for the rest of the year.

Beach week– Teams compete against each other in beach volleyball at lunch, all leading up to the buff ball game, where teams of all guys compete for the trophy.

Buff ball– A Gender bender on the Powder Puff game, instead of girls playing football, boys will play volleyball.

March Madness- Teams of three will play in a tournament of basketball all week.

Talent Show– Students show off their talents to the school.

Art Festival – Students display their art at lunch, and get recognized for their creativity.

Western Week- Everyone’s favorite week, it starts off with the annual pool party, where the teams compete in a swimming activity, then the following week compete in a series of activities at lunch, and after school scavenger hunts. Aside of all that, the teams have to come up with dance that follows the theme of the week and perform in front of the school and judges watching.

Seniors also have Gradnite to look forward to on June 2nd, although only 135 seniors will be going on the trip due to a shortage of seats on the buses, and tickets bought. If you’re on the waiting list, I recommend talking to Ms. Revelez.

These are just a few things that you can get involved with for the rest of the year, especially seniors, since it is our last year. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, our advice to you, is take advantage of opportunities ahead, because next thing you know, you’ll only be months from graduating.



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