The Case About Adnan Syed

By: Rebecca Arriola and Delilah Becerra

Muslim, seventeen year old, Adnan Syed, was accused and imprisoned for life, for the murder of his ex girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. Very tragic. Police quickly accused Adnan of being the murderer, without any physical evidence, just a story, from a friend…Jay.

Jay’s story was very disoriented. He changed the story so many times even the investigators were confused. Jay was questioned multiple times but nobody considered him to be the one to murder Hae, except people that believed Adnan’s innocence. Adnan was accused. Maybe it was his religion or maybe they did not have any other options.

Hae Min Lee, a tall, athletic, was a smart teenager with nothing but a big life ahead of her. She was like any other teenager, she was in love with Adnan, but then fell for someone new. Many believed that it was the reason for Adnan to do what he did, or at least part of it. They also say he murdered her because she embarrassed him, that he risked everything for her, and he just snapped.

On January 13th, 1999, Hae went missing. Her parents only called the police because it was unusual and she was supposed to pick up her cousin. Mrs. S was the school janitor, coming from his house to get a tool. He then stopped to urinate and from there he found  Hae buried in a 6 in. hole. He then reported it, and told his side of story. The thing is, it was very hard to see where Hae was located or to even be seen. So for a while, Mr. S was a suspect, but they then let him go.

This trial went on for a while until they officially took Adnan for life. Adnan had no idea he’d be spending his life behind bars, he thought he’d be going home. Adnan accepted the fact that it was going to be like this, if nobody believed he was innocent then nobody did. Still til this day, Adnan is behind bars, doing his own thing. Adnan will always believe in himself even if nobody else did. Will you?


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