Monster vs. high school student

Being in class at 8am the next day after a late night can be very dreadful for many students. Some go to coffee, others take cold showers, and some go to energy drinks. I wanted to test how the average student in high school would react to drinking an energy drink for the first time.

Senior Savannah Sousa stated that she has never drank any sort of energy drink in her life, so she volunteered to drink it in the morning and let me document how her day went.

After being up since 5am and only getting 4 hours of sleep, getting to school she was already feeling very tired. She began to drink it during 1st period and finished it within the hour. Soon after she finished she was still feeling tired, she began to start feeling the “energy” part of the energy drink an hour later.

When she started feeling these effects, she didn’t notice the immediate change, it just happened. She just started working on stuff and she didn’t notice the kick some say that energy drinks give you.

Many studies show that energy drinks shouldn’t be in teens diet whatsoever because of some effects that have came up in adults when they drank 4-5 energy drinks a day.

Many of the ingredients in the energy drink aren’t things you are already used to from day to day. For example, you don’t just wake up one day and drink a 12 fl. oz. can filled with sucrose, glucose, citric acid, and sodium nitrate. Some of these ingredients may or may not be good for you but when taking all these things all together, it might not be the greatest mix. Many people advise kids usually under 18 to not drink it because they don’t want the kids to have to rely on energy drinks to be able to get through their day.

Throughout the day it was all pretty normal after she felt the energy drink but when she walked across campus she noticed that she felt out of breath, this was something new to her because she never felt out of breath at least not just walking across campus.

She noticed that she was feeling tired after lunch which was pretty normal for waking up at 5am. When she was just sitting down listening to a teacher talk or simply not up on a mission, she felt tired but when she was doing something, she couldn’t stop doing what she was doing.

After setting up for the dance she went home and as soon as she was in a different environment, other than school, she couldn’t stop cleaning. It might have been due to the fact that while being at home she noticed that she had to clean and as soon as she started she felt the need to clean everything. That day she had a 19 hour day from 5 in the morning to midnight. The energy drink might have helped her get through a lot.

Would exercising or a different alternative have given her a different outcome? What exactly is the best alternative to an energy drink? Maybe drinking an energy drink before you’re going to clean might help you stay on task and not get distracted.

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